QUIZTIMATE is the brand-new trivia party game that truly anyone can win! Quiztimate has a unique gameplay combining 4 different rounds to keep the game exciting!

EVER WONDERED... how many umbrellas Brits lose on average in a lifetime or how many words the average dog can understand? Well we have! In fact, we have compiled a list of 300 thought-provoking questions with astounding answers and incredible facts on the back of every card that are guaranteed to leave you astonished!

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Tired of knowledge-intensive trivia and that know-it-all friend who gives no-one else a chance?! So were we... which is why we decided to level the playing field! Quiztimate does not require any knowledge but instead encourages logical reasoning! Everyone can play and anyone can win!

SOCIAL PARTY GAME: Leave your smartphones aside and gather all generations around the table! Quiztimate will have everyone talking, laughing and learning in equal measure! Play in teams or in individual mode from 3+ players!

QUICK AND EASY TO LEARN: Each round can be learnt in 1 minute (we have road-tested this on our most impatient friend)!






Game includes

  • 300 cards with questions, answers and facts
  • 5 dry erase answer boards
  • 1 dry erase scoreboard
  • 5 dry erase pens
  • Rules

Our how to play video is now on Youtube! It takes 5 min and you will learn everything you need to start playing the game!

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It's more than just a quiz game...

  • Enjoy quality time together with engaging gameplay that sparks conversation
  • Encourages logical reasoning and thinking outside the box
  • Increases curiosity and develops intuition
  • Boosts general knowledge and understanding of varied topics including human behaviour, social media, geography, nature, human body and space
  • Builds self-confidence, strengthens communication skills and promotes healthy discussion
  • Encourages teamwork and collaborative decision making
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