Who we are

Hi there! It’s Dhara and Tony here from Curious Monkey Games! We’re a couple from London who absolutely love board games and are the creators of Quiztimate, a brand new trivia game!

Last Christmas, we were looking for a trivia game to play with family but we couldn’t find one that suited everyone… so we decided to level the playing field and invent a quiz game that anyone could win! Our other gripe with quiz games is the repetitive question/answer format, so we decided to mix things up with 4 mini-games!

When we’re not playing and thinking up board games, we like to play music and cook! Between the 2 of us we play piano, flute, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums so whether it’s a bit of Whitney or Phantom of the Opera, we love to duet.  We also love to cook and recently started an Instagram account to post our meals! If you’re into food, you can check out Dhara’s Instagram here.

We have a few other fun family/party games in the works that we’re excited to share with you – if you’re interested, please sign up to our mailing list to receive any updates!

Curious Monkey Games

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